Understanding Motivation


Understanding what motivates you or your team members is a powerful way to unlock potential and to drive employee engagement by:- 

  • Having a positive impact on their customers and clients

  • Being happier at work thereby increasing staff retention

  • Being highly focused and wanting to contribute more to the bigger picture and having more fun in the process


How can you measure Motivation?

The Motivational Map® is an easy to complete on-line diagnostic tool, which provides an accurate 15 page report used to help people understand their own core motivational drivers. 

  • Sometimes the person is not always aware of what they are or they may discover that whilst they know what motivates them, they learn that they are not currently fulfilled in their job.

  • The results on the report may be used by the individual or line manager to help make some tweaks or changes to make a positive difference in the workplace

The results can be truly astounding