• Dawn Abbey

Does Success = Happiness at Work?

Being Happy at work can make all the difference to your performance as much as being unhappy at work makes you want to leave.

So what is being Happy at work?

This will be personal to you but above all it means enjoying the job that you do, being inspired to be the best you can be at it, working with people you understand and who understand you ,having a mutual respect for them and having fun in the process .

Notice that I haven’t said being successful is one of the definitions of being happy at work as I believe this is a symptom and not a definition. If you are happy then you are likely to be successful but if you are successful it is not so certain that you are happy.

I once worked with a salesperson who smashed his targets every quarter and was paid the highest bonus he could possibly get yet he was not happy and when I asked him why he said it was because he did not feel that he was working hard enough and it was too easy for him to achieve those results. There was no stretch for him. Happy Days! A lot of salespeople would cry, take the Money and be happy but this was not what he was motivated by.

After some quality 121 time, it became very clear that he was truly motivated by Innovation and being creative in his work and least motivated by money and expertise in his field. Bingo. Yes, he was ready for a move but until then, there was a big opportunity to tap into his motivational needs. He had been selling and opening new business in the same way all day, every day, every week ……. As that it how it was done. What if he could change some of the processes and thinking behind tackling a new business pipeline. Well, I need say no more as I am sure you have seen the path he then started to tread and not only did it give him more drive and energy, he totally influenced others around him too.

Tapping into someone’s motivational needs is easy if you take the time to understand and listen to them. Are you doing this? Have you done this for your own needs?

Be Happy in 2020

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