• Dawn Abbey

Team Meeting Agendas - Love or Loathe, but make them Effective !!

Team meeting agendas vary so much in quality and I have seen some amazing agendas but also some that would make me switch off before the meeting has even started.

Unfortunately, those of us in charge of an agenda often leave it too late to create, and try to cram in as much as we can from the list we have written in many places and from memory recall of conversations we have had with guests that we have promised to save a slot for. Usually this results in a OK meeting, slightly better than one without an agenda or any kind of planning but one that probably runs out of time and results in a fast uninspiring finish where are least 1 person is disappointed they never got to make their presentation.

Here are a few top tips from me in setting a team meeting agenda :-

  • Use the agenda as a primer to set expectations, create anticipation and curiosity for the forthcoming meeting. Don’t reveal everything in advance.

  • Theme each team meeting with one of your brands.

  • Give your agenda item’s attention-grabbing titles to build interest and curiosity. E.g. Deal or No Deal, Manager’s question time, I’m a salesman, get me out of here.

  • Get creative with your use of wording and language. Open with a famous quote as a thought provoker.

  • Change the format from what you normally use. Add a dash of colour and creative flare to the agenda.

  • Do you always send your agenda by email? Try something different! This will grab your team’s attention and build interest in the meeting. Send the agenda by post; via Facebook group or Yammer; as a pre-recorded video message posted on You Tube; a poster; on the back of a branded t-shirt; as a beer mat; on the back of a post-card; as an object relating to the meeting theme.

  • Create a teaser campaign prior to the meeting date. Follow up the invite and agenda with short, attention-grabbing reminders. Short, sweet and memorable.

  • Set a Pre-read: As part of development attach a reading article

  • Pre-work: Pose a question and ask individuals to come prepared to debate. Or ask individuals to Google a question and come prepared to share their results.

  • Above all, send it out at least a week in advance so they have time to prepare. Have fun and when it comes to minutes, this choice is up to you but they only mean something if they are used to drive action and reviewed by everyone. Here’s to a great year of team meetings in 2020.

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